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About AxisGameFactory, Inc.

Located in San Diego, CA, Axis Game Factory is led by industry veterans and husband and wife, Matt and Tammy McDonald, and their development team. Axis Game Factory provides software gaming tools that advance the game development process and support a broad spectrum of game developers, designers and enthusiasts alike.

Creativity, exploration and empowerment are at the heart of everything we make.  Having run our own game development studio since 1997, we have been directly involved in the game development and pipeline creation process of over 100+ games and intellectual properties; spanning full development across multiple Console Sku’s, 3D Animated Television Series, Music Videos, Cinematics, Virtual 3D Social Gaming Platforms, Toy Design and Tools Development.  Having such a broad background in creating content, we were driven to put the power to create in our customer’s hands.

With AGFPRO and it’s suite of expansion DLC’s, we are able to not only allow users to begin creating their own game levels immediately without having to model, program or animate, but to also have fun while creating and turning the development process into a “game” itself.  AGFPRO is a stand-alone hybrid development tool – powerful for expert game developers to create their game levels and export into Unity 5.0 and easy to use for gamers to enjoy and make their own games to share and connect with others.